Trade show tips

To be a success at trade show photography you need to have the following.

  1. Backup Camera
  2. Backup Flash
  3. Know How To shoot Manual
  4. Understand Manual flash
  5. Think Fast
  6. Have Low Light Lens Options
  7. Be Creative Problem Solver

Trade show photography is full of problems. The lighting is usually bad, the action is fast and the space is limited. Sure you might be in a 1000 seat venue but the space between tables is tight. You have to have a lens that can shoot from a distance if you can’t be close or a wide lens when the room setup forces you to be too close to the action.

You need manual flash to work with the reflective and back lit backgrounds most use. Auto flash will read the back light as being bright sun and under expose that must have shot.

If you plan on doing trade shot photos make sure you can shoot in any conditions. You seldom get a second chance and most conventions spend hundreds of thousands so your liability is high if you don’t get good results.